Personality is simply understood as the set of characteristics that lead to consistent patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving. It is one of those things in life that can’t change and it tends to stay stable over time. Some might argue you can change aspects of your personality, or your partner’s if you try hard enough. However, this is largely a misconception. What you can do is begin to understand your own personality as well as your partner’s. 

There are many personality theories and concepts that can help you understand your own personality and your partners. Couple Checkup uses SCOPE to help individuals see how high or low they score on each of the five factors of personality (Social, Change, Organised, Pleasing and Emotionally calm).


  • For each of you, which behaviours positively contribute to your relationship?
  • What personality differences can you use to strengthen your relationship?
  • While both “opposites attract” and “birds of a feather flock together” are true, which is the case for your relationship?
  • Do the roles you and your partner fulfil in your relationship match your personality strengths? (e.g. If one person scored high on organisation, do they manage the bills?)

Your personality frames how you approach life. For some couples, having very different personalities can bring challenges. You might want to consider seeking professional help if a particular factor is so extreme it is interfering with daily life. 

If you and your partner ever feel overwhelmed by your results or the ensuing discussion, we encourage you to seek out professional support. Call us.

Tune in for more tips next week.

Do you need help with an issue or problem? Our approach helps to generate deep and productive conversations that couples would not otherwise have about their relationship. These conversations can restore insight and understanding about one another.

More tips at, tune in next week…

For more information on the use and analysis of the CoupleCheckup or to simply use the tool, please contact: or call today (02) 9520 4049 #couplecheckup #relationship

Take the Couple Checkup

Simply click on the Register button below relevant to your relationship – it couldn’t be easier. Once you have finished the questions you should receive your comprehensive personalised report in about 30 seconds.

The CoupleCheckup generates deep and productive conversations that couples would not otherwise have about their relationship. These conversations restore insight and understanding about one another. The CoupleCheckup can help to revive a relationship and increase intimacy. 

The CoupleCheckup is an online couple assessment based on the PREPARE/ENRICH couple inventories. The Checkup assessment and Checkup report are designed to go directly to couples at any stage of their relationship (dating, engaged or married). The online system allows for dynamic customization of the assessment to each couple based on how the couple answers background questions. The goal is for the CoupleCheckup to reach a more diverse group of couples, to empower couples to deal with issues on their own and to emphasize prevention over remediation.

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