A major goal of the Couple Checkup is to provide a tool that allows couples to proactively enrich their relationship.

There are several other distinct goals of the Checkup that a couple can achieve by taking the online assessment and discussing their results together. In addition to a personalised Checkup Report, there is also a Couple Discussion Guide with couple exercises designed to help the couple use relationship skills.

Identify and build relationship strengths.

One of the advantages of doing a Couple Checkup is the report will reveal a couple’s relationship strengths, including those they may not have been aware of and have perhaps never discussed. Couples often assume they know each other, but our studies have found they only agree with each other on the characteristics of their relationship about 33 percent of the time.

This finding is based on a study by David Olson and Peter Larson (2007) in which the responses from husband and wives in over 5,000 married couples who took the ENRICH Couple Inventory were compared. The average correlation between the husband and wife on the major scales (i.e. communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality) was .65. When .65 is squared, the shared variance is 33% which means if you know one person’s response, you can predict the partner’s response only one-third of the time.
For couples, this means that rather than assuming they know their partner’s feelings and ideas, they should assume their guesses will often be incorrect. Therefore, couples can greatly benefit from taking an assessment that will reveal how they each feel about different aspects of their relationship.

More tips at www.couplecheckup.com.au, tune in next week…

Do you need a boost in your relationship?

Take the Couple Checkup

Simply click on the Get Started button below relevant to your relationship – it couldn’t be easier. Once you have finished the questions you should receive your comprehensive personalised report in about 30 seconds.

The CoupleCheckup relationship assessment has been proven to assist couples for over 40 years. Looking for a facilitator to work with you, then contact us.

The CoupleCheckup generates deep and productive conversations that couples would not otherwise have about their relationship. These conversations restore insight and understanding about one another. The Couple Checkup can help to revive a relationship and increase intimacy.
The CoupleCheckup is an online couple assessment based on the PREPARE/ENRICH couple inventories. The Checkup assessment and Checkup report are designed to go directly to couples at any stage of their relationship (dating, engaged or married). The online system allows for dynamic customization of the assessment to each couple based on how the couple answers background questions. The goal is for the Couple Checkup to reach a more diverse group of couples, to empower couples to deal with issues on their own and to emphasize prevention over remediation.

For more information on the use and analysis of the Couple Checkup or to simply use the tool, please contact: www.couplecheckup.com.au or call today (02) 9520 4049 #couplecheckup #strongerrelationships

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