Check In – how much money have you invested in your marriage since your wedding? Part 5: $65,482 vs. $42

Weddings are expensive. The beautiful venue, delicious food, trendy entertainment, stunning dress, personalised invitations, crafty decorations, the photographer with the perfect eye, adorable favours, so on and so forth, it adds up. I spent just over $15,000 on my (small) wedding years ago and comparing that to others, turns out it was inexpensive! According to research carried out by the Bride to Be magazine Cost of Love survey the average cost of a wedding is $65,482. Regardless of your financial situation, that’s a lot of money to spend on one day.

Assuming you spent a decent amount on your wedding, let me ask you – how much money have you invested in your marriage since your wedding?

You might have taken a premarital education course through your church before your wedding, but it’s estimated that only 35-40% of engaged couples receive any premarital counseling. This is startling given the fact that premarital education has been shown to reduce divorce by 30% (source: The Couple Checkup).

Whether you benefited from premarital counseling or not, there are many ways to strengthen your marriage after the wedding. And if you aren’t married, don’t worry; premarital counseling isn’t the only reason to check in with your partner about the strength and growth areas of your relationship.

Here’s another question for you: if you spent $65,482 on your wedding, what would you be willing to invest in your marriage?

$10? $20? $45? $100?

The good thing is there are tools out there for you to use to work on your marriage. Just Google “marriage enrichment tools” and you’ll find books, programs, assessments, and online communities that can help you and your partner gain a better understanding of the strengths you already possess and maybe some areas where you could build your skills a little more. One of the most affordable tools out there is the Couple Checkup assessment.Check in with Checkup logo-01

Couple Checkup is an online assessment that will show you a snapshot of your relationship. It covers topics like communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and sexual relationship. The cool part is that it customises to your relationship, so it really covers areas relevant to you and your partner’s situation. I’ve taken the Checkup before and found it to be a great tool to use to check in with my partner. One area that was low for us was communication — which is a pretty big part of a relationship! Once we worked through a few exercises in the discussion guide (a free download you get at the end of the assessment!), we saw our communication improve. I became a better listener and we took timeout of our  busy days to discuss important issues.

The best part is Couple Checkup is only $42! Would you invest $42 in your marriage? Before you answer, think back to how much you spent on your wedding!

In order to honestly recommend something to you, I do want to disclose that I work for PREPARE/ENRICH, which powers Couple Checkup. Even though I’m a little biased towards Couple Checkup, I’m not alone in thinking it’s a great, affordable way to check in on your marriage– these bloggers think so too: Jo, My Gosh; Friday We’re In Love; A Prioritized Marriage; Enduring All Things;Jessica Lynn Writes; Simply Elliott

You might have the idea that something has to be wrong in your marriage in order for you to have a reason to work on it. This is not true. Even the healthiest, strongest relationships can benefit from a little extra care.

And if you’ve got it all figured out (or at least enough to set a good example and give some insight) – consider becoming a Marriage Mentor in your church or community. It can be very rewarding.

Set up your account today and watch your relationship grow tomorrow. Check out #CheckInWithCheckup for relationship tips and insights all month long.

Take the Couple Checkup

Simply click on the Get Started button below relevant to your relationship – it couldn’t be easier. Once you have finished the questions you should receive your comprehensive personalised report in about 30 seconds.


Take the Couple Checkup 

The Couple Checkup generates deep and productive conversations that couples would not otherwise have about their relationship. These conversations restore insight and understanding about one another. The Couple Checkup can help to revive a relationship and increase intimacy. 

The Couple Checkup is an online couple assessment based on the PREPARE/ENRICH couple inventories. The Checkup assessment and Checkup report are designed to go directly to couples at any stage of their relationship (dating, engaged or married). The online system allows for dynamic customization of the assessment to each couple based on how the couple answers background questions. The goal is for the Couple Checkup to reach a more diverse group of couples, to empower couples to deal with issues on their own and to emphasize prevention over remediation.

For more information on the use and analysis of the Couple Checkup or to simply use the tool, please contact: or call today (02) 9520 4049 #couplecheckup #relationship


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