Your Relationship Deserves a Checkup

The odds are that sometime this year you will take the time to have a physical exam or get a dental checkup. Most people think nothing of it. Very few, on the other hand, take the time to get a relationship Checkup.

But your relationship deserves a Checkup.

This series of blog posts provides an opportunity for couples to enhance their relationship and build intimacy. It will help you to apply the principles found in The Couple Checkup to your relationship, whether dating, engaged, or married.

Well done, you’re about to add strength to your relationship.

Whether you are an individual or couple these blog posts can be adapted to serve your needs. Each post walks you through discussion questions that will help you strengthen your relationship. Individuals and couples are welcome to complete the study by themselves (e.g., as part of a premarital counseling program), but we strongly recommend that you work through the material with a group of couples if possible (e.g., small group). Research and our experience in marriage education suggest connecting with other couples in group discussion is a vital part of applying the principles found in The Couple Checkup.

Together you will support each other and discover how to enhance your relationship. Premarital couples are also encouraged to attend groups with married couples to glean from their experience.

The Couple Checkup generates deep and productive conversations that couples would not otherwise have about their relationship.  These conversations restore insight and understanding about one another.  The Couple Checkup can help to revive a relationship and increase intimacy.


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